Special Menu

CRAB XEC_XEC - from India’s beach resort GOA; influenced by Portuguese cuisine Fresh Blue Swimmer Crabs steamed in a unique blend of complex herbs & roasted spices; mellowed with the milky extract of coconut flesh; served with brown rice.Bibs, Crab Crackers and Finger Bowls provided on request. Have fun digging in with your hands!
Goan Crab Curry
SEAFOOD PANCH FORAN- From the east coast of Bengal Tasmanian Scallops, Pink Salmon & Prawn Cutlets stirfried with nigella, fenugreek & tomato; with a touch of kaffir lime
SCALLOP MOILEE- from Kerala in India’s southFresh scallops caramelised in its own juice; with a dip of white tamarind, onion and tomato:

served with jaggery pancake

PRAWN MALAI CURRY- from the east coast of BengalFresh Prawns cooked in a subtle mustard-coconut sauce – served in a young coconut shell
LAMB SHANKS NAHARI – from the Royal Moghul Courts of DelhiBaby Lamb Shanks slow-cooked with nutmeg & saffron; flavoured with

the herbal aromatic extract of the pandanus flower

PANEER PASANDA – from the PunjabHomemade Indian cheese stuffed with a spicy pickle mix & bathed in a velvety cashew sauce; served with

crispy vermicelli

CHAI-SMOKED QUAIL*Quail smoked in green tea and Mudgee honey; in a fresh, tangy, mandarin sauce; served with parched rice spicy masala
RAN-E-KHYBER* – from the North West FrontierWhole leg of baby lamb, lovingly massaged in a marinade of Bundaberg Rum, fresh green herbs, brown sugar and yoghurt; slowly roasted in the clay oven. For 4 to 6 persons
* Leg of Lamb & Quail should be pre-ordered 48-72 hours ahead

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