Papri Bhalla Chat
Wheat crispies topped with lentil dumplings and seasoned yoghurt and laced with 3 sauces
Crispy rice and lentil pancakes with or without stuffing
Chilli pepper squid
Dusted with Millet flour and lightly fried. Served with date and tamarind chutney
Chicken Tikka (2pcs)
Tender pieces marinated in yoghurt with spices & roasted in tandoor
Tandoori Chicken (half)
Chicken on the bone marinated in traditional spices & roasted in tandoor
Vege Sampler
Samosa, vege roll, Harra Kebab
 Mixed Sampler
Samosa, harra Kebab, Chicken Tikka
 Prawn Tilli Tinka – (5pcs)
Green prawn cutlets tossed with roasted sesame, cracked pepper, fennel, fresh curry leaves
 Harra Bharra Kebab – (2 pcs)
Pan Grilled, Spinach and potato cutlets, shallow fried and wrapped with pickled ricotta cheese
Shammi Kebab – (2 Pcs)
Minced Lamb and Lentil Patties, Shallow egg batter fried
Onion/Masala Uttapam
Rice and Lentil pancakes with Topping of your choice
Anari Chilli Chops
Baby lamb cutlets marinated in dried pomegranate – Chilli chargrilled
Savory pastry with potatoes and black chick pea’s masala
Onion Pakoras (2pcs)
Onions strips dipped in a light chickpea batter and crisply fried


Naan – Popular North Indian plain flour bread cooked in the ‘tandoor’,
plain or with fillings/toppings of your choice

Plain Naan
Plain flour bread cooked in the tandoor
Tandoori Roti
Wholemeal bread baked in tandoor
Garlic Naan 
With fresh garlic & coriander
Butter Naan 
Multi layered naan bread glazed with butter & coriander
Layered wholemeal bread with butter glaze
Cheese Naan
Filled with melted cheese
Cheese & Garlic Naan 
With cheese filling & garlic topping
Peshawari Naan
Layered with fruits and nuts and glazed with butter
Paneer Aloo Kulcha 
With spiced potato and cottage cheese
Kheema Naan 
Stuffed with lightly spiced minced lamb
Naan Basket (1pc each) 
Butter naan, garlic naan and cheese naan


Papadum (4pcs) $2.50
Sweet Mango Chutney $2.50
Mixed Pickle $2.50
Yogurt and Cucumber Raita $2.50
Tomato Onion Salad $2.50
All of the above side dishes $12.00


Dal double Tadka
Yellow lentil tempered with fresh garlic, asafoedita and a double dose of onions
Ma Ki Dal 
Black lentil mellowed with cream and butter  – tempered with caramlised garlic flakes
Daal Palak 
Lentils cooked with tomatoes and fresh baby English Spinach
Chickpeas masala pan finished with pomegranate extract
Aloo Gobi/Aloo Baingan
Diced potatoes cooked either with cauliflower or baby eggplant, cumin and ginger
Achari Baingan Masala 
Egg plant cooked with pickling spices with a hint of ginger and fresh chilies
Kadai Mushroom
Wok fried button mushrooms in a tangy tomato sauce with cracked Indian Spices
Bhindi Do Piaza
Okra made with a double dose of onions
Navarathan Korma
Selection of vegetables simmered in a rich cashew nut and almond cream sauce
Gobi Mattar/ Aloo Matar 
Curried cauliflower and green peas or potato and green peas
Taka-a-tak Subzi 
Assorted vegetables tossed with crushed spices and herbs slow cooked on the griddle
Methi Malai Muttor
Peas with fresh fenugreek and cream
Palak Paneer
Cubes of cheese in pureed spinach with ginger and fenugreek
Paneer Do Piaza
Cheese seared in tandoor and finished with a double dose of onion
Punjabi Achari Paneer
Dices of paneer pan finished in a tangy fresh tomato sauce with pickling spices and smoked mustard oil
Kadai Paneer
Paneer wok fried with tomatoes and cracked spices
Benarasi Kofta
Spinach and cottage cheese quennels in a mild creamy sauce finished with a trace of green cardamom


Butter Chicken 
Chicken delicacy cooked in tandoor and pan finished with tomato and almond cream sauce
Pepper Chicken 
Spicy stir fried chicken with green chillies, coriander, tomato and crushed pepper
Chicken Chetinad (Hot) 
Popular chicken dish cooked with pepper, star anise, coconut and coriander leaves
Chicken Tikka Masala 
Tandoori roasted chicken fillets sauteed with garlic, tomatoes and capsicum
Chicken Khurchan
Hand pulled tandoori chicken strips stir fried with capsicum, onion, tomatoes
Chicken Malai Curry 
Chicken in a rich sauce of cream and green cardamon


Beef Badami 
Tender pieces of beef cooked with almond , cream and yoghurt.
Home style beef 
Cooked with fresh ginger, tomatoes, chunky potatoes and fresh curry leaves.
Beef Fejuade 
Diced prime beef cooked with kidney beans. A delicacy from Goa
Beef Vindaloo (Hot)
Traditional Goan dish hot sweet and sour


Lamb Rogan Josh
Kashmiri lamb curry steam choked cooked
Lamb Korma
Diced lamb lightly spiced in cardamon flavoured cashew nut sauce
Gosht alta palta
Pieces of Lamb and mince cooked together with black chick peas.


Goat mappas
Goat on the bone steam choke cooked with a double extract of coconut milk and dried mint


Salmon Tikka Masala
Tasmanian salmon wok fried with red and green capsicum, onion – finished with a squeeze of fresh Tahitian Lime
Aromatic fish curry
Fillet of fish cooked in a double extract of freshly squeezed coconut cream flavoured with ginger and kaffir lime leaves
Prawn Kalia
Green prawn cutlets simmered in a rich Spanish onion extract with nigella and bay leaves.


Plain Rice ( served per person – p.p) $3.00
Jeera Rice (p.p)
Steam choke rice with cumin seeds and cinnamon sticks
Peas Pulao (p.p)
Rice stir fried with green peas and brown onion
Saffron Rice (p.p) 
Rice with a touch of saffron, dried fruits, nuts & coconut


Veg $15.00
Chicken $17.50
Lamb $18.50
Goat $19.50
Fish $20.00


Gulab Jamun
Milk dumplings served in sugar syrup
Mango/Pistachio/Fig & Honey
Tiranga Kulfi
Combination of Rose, pistachio and vanilla in one


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